Colorful and Festive at the Prospect House

I love first looks. During the first look, I tend to just stare and smile (and often cry) as I film the two smiling back and forth at each other face-to-face just taking it all in. It’s just the two of them excitedly and readily entering into their beginning as husband and wife, a piece of God’s loving on us through a selfless, forever friend.

Jonathan and Laura’s day was bright, colorful, and full of family. It felt like everything around me was perfectly detailed and arranged in the best way. Not to mention, the florals were literally from another magical world - I’m always amazed by how delicate florals can be so bold and warm up everything. These two love birds were seriously so sweet and gracious. It’s such an honor to share this one.

x o x o

Austin & Ashton

Austin & Ashton are the kind of people who listen with their eyes, smile with their whole faces, and talk to you warmly like an old friend. They are my kind of people - the people who love and cherish family (Ashton's sweet Nana made her wedding cake - amazing), have no hesitation on the dance floor, and hug you with a big squeeze. This wedding was so close to home for me in many ways. I'm so thankful I get to document the most precious humans. Xo. 

You have bewitched me body and soul

There are many words to describe this wedding day - family, warm, serene, emotional, & elegant - but I'd say a great emphasis is placed on "emotional" as Charles just could not contain the tears not just when Jackie glided down the aisle with her dad but also throughout the rest of the evening. He would just be visiting with his bride and so sweetly admiring her, and then suddenly overcome by tears of pure joy! During their portraits after the ceremony, the photographer and I kept joking with them saying "Charles try to hold it together!" He ADORES his bride and she is completely head over heels for her groom. Also at one point during portraits, they quoted Pride & Prejudice in sync, "You have bewitched me body and soul. I love, I love, I love you." I cannot handle these two. They are so beautiful. I'm so happy to share just a snippet of their amazing wedding which took place on a stunning private property in Blanco, Texas. 

Kev & Cat

Kev and Cat have a love story that melts my heart repeatedly. In 7th grade, Kev remembered seeing a photo of Cat in a classmate's binder cover and immediately knew he had to meet that girl in the photo. They started dating their sophomore year of high school, went on a date to Chili's, neither of them could drive yet. They continued their relationship long distance through their college years, Cat was a soccer player and Kev was at the Naval Academy. Although I hadn't known Kev or Cat very long before filming their day, it was so evident that they are the kind of people who make you feel loved and cherished like a forever long friend. And goodness they are crazy in love! It was so precious to see how much they laugh together and compliment each other. What a joy it is for me to have documented the day Kev and Cat became man and wife. 

historic Panna Maria Wedding

The first time I saw Matt and Elizabeth together, I immediately saw how Matt admired her and I thought, "He totally adores her to the moon!" and "She is completely head over heels!" 

The town where they were married is completely in the middle of nowhere Texas, but has rich history of her Polish heritage. Both of her mom & dad's side of the family left Poland in 1854 and settled under this oak tree. The church where they were married was built next to the oak tree. It was a dream to say the least!

Also, it's so sweet to me to think back to my 8th grade year when I was the new kid, Elizabeth was one to really reach out and love me and be my friend!

A Harvest Gathering


Thankful for the many creative avenues the Lord has given me this year. These outlets have been opportunities for me to stretch and learn and GROW. I often get caught up in trying so hard to make videos so pretty that I forget to appreciate what brought me here. This Harvest Gathering shoot was one of those fun, refreshing, colorful, and sweet opportunities to be creative and use the skills God has inspired me to use while getting to meet some amazing people! I loved this shoot so much for its beautiful outcome but more importantly the beautiful people behind it. 


Amazing team here: 

Floral: Color Theory Collective 

Design: Kindle & Gather 

Catering: The Peach Tortilla

Photographer: Kristin Kilpatrick 

Handlettering: Paper Napkin Press

Models: Kaki Gaines and Carmen Collins